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Patriotic Art Contest

All Kansas High School youth are encouraged to compete for prize money to enhance the Kansas statewide celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. More information can be found HERE.


This information is geared for youth in grades 1 to 6, but is valuable to everyone. The purpose is to educate the youth on the history of the 19th Amendment and to increase awareness of the centennial celebration coming in August, 2020. Thanks go out to Rebecca Rose and Pam Porvaznik for developing the content for this page.

Fun Facts

The suffrage movement wasn't all fun and games--not by a long shot. After all, it took American women 72 years to get the proverbial ball over the finish line. There were fits and starts, women coalescing with women, wives and mothers at odds with their husbands and sons, demands of politicians. There were trips for the unfortunate to the county jail, horrific forced feedings, spiteful comments from friends and neighbors. Still the women marched on, never turning back. National Geographic lists facts you should know:

Suffragette Spotlight

The American Suffragettes took their cue from their British counterparts and vice versa. There was a groundswell on both sides of the ocean in the late 19th century. Women in England and Wales demanded the right to vote. Same in America. The fervor of those wanting their voices heard became a war cry as women in both countries held placards, marched in parades, gave speeches at public gatherings, sought to influence their local politicians. In the United Kingdom, the women’s push to vote eventually became a militant movement and the women in America followed suit. Women were united in their efforts and nothing, not even incarceration, would keep them from their goal. 

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Quick Quiz

Value Your Vote

They say “every vote counts,” and it does! If you don’t vote for the person you want to represent your ideas, than it’s a vote for the person who doesn’t see things the way you do. Your values are your values, and you have a right to be heard. Our great Republic was formed, fought for and won with you in mind. In a Republic, YOU are in charge. The men and women we vote to represent us work for us. Don’t ever forget that!


Parents and mentors: You hold the keys to make voting relevant today and lifelong. Woefully, we've lost our passion to teach our youngsters just how great our country is. American values and American history--we're the greatest nation on earth with the most prosperity, the most freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness. We follow a set of laws set down by our Creator, and a set of principles our Founding Fathers wrestled with, fought over and finally came to terms with. Our American Constitution guarantees our rights as individuals. Our children, from the youngest to the oldest, need to know what makes our Republic great. Games and quizzes such as those below can bring our country into focus in a way the whole family can enjoy.