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19th Amendment Centennial Outstanding Women of Kansas Awards

The mission of the Awards is to recognize, generate public awareness, and celebrate women who have used the opportunities afforded to them based on the sacrifices of the suffragette women to achieve excellence in their lives.

Who should apply or be nominated? Any woman living or has lived in Kansas who:

  • Made impactful accomplishments or contributions which have positively influenced her industry or community;
  • Demonstrates unwavering passion and commitment for an issue that has made a difference in the lives of others;
  • Influenced other women through her actions and contributions;
  • Qualities of spirit, service, compassion for others or professionalism to achieve accomplishments;
  • Has overcome adversity in order to give back to the community;
  • Delivered real impact to her industry;
  • Applied innovative thinking to push boundaries and find new and better ways to do things;
  • Consistently demonstrated exceptional and progressive leadership;
  • Mentored and inspired others striving for success;
  • Demonstrated their ability and commitment to raising the value of diversity and inclusiveness in their work environment.

Five awards will be given, one in each of the following categories:

  • Business
  • Cultural & Arts
  • Civics & Community
  • Education
  • Service

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